Is There Any Truth In Reports That High EPA Fish Oil May Help Mental Health Disorders?

The term “omega-3 fatty acids” generally refers to a group of 3 fatty acids. These are EPA, DHA, and ALS, all of which play an important role within the human body. Many of the articles one comes across on the internet mention that while humans need omega-3 for metabolism, our bodies cannot actually synthesize our own.Saying that we cannot synthesize omega-3 is correct, but our bodies do however have a limited ability to form EPA, DHA, and ALA. This applies to all mammals, and not just humans. Different mammals will acquire their omega-3 from various food sources, including foods like nuts, seeds, and etc.While humans can also get omega-3 from these foods, they are generally not considered to be a good source of fatty acids. For humans, certain types of cold water fish are by far the best source of these essential fatty acids. Unfortunately however, heavy metal contamination in the world’s oceans is causing a lot of people to question the safety of eating large amounts of fresh fish. This is essentially why people are turning to supplements.So, what is high EPA fish oil, and how is it different to any other regular type of fish oil? The only real difference is that this is fish oil which has been specifically selected for it high EPA content. The reason why there is a growing interest in this particular omega-3 fatty acid is that several studies suggest that it can be useful for treating certain mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, and even attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.A study carried out during 2004 showed that EPA can quite often reduce the severity of depression. Of even greater interest, is the fact that the study also found that EPA can effectively reduce suicidal behaviors/tendencies.To back up these finding, another study was carried out which involved taking blood samples from one hundred people who had attempted to commit suicide. Astonishingly enough, the researchers found that EPA levels were significantly lower than they are in the average, mentally stable person.In 2009, another such study found that depression symptoms were less severe in the volunteers who were given high EPA fish oil supplements, compared to those who were being given regular fish oil supplements. More recently, in 2011, a study concerning ADHD found that fish oil with a high concentration of EPA was “significantly” more effective than a placebo used in the study.The number of people being diagnosed with a mental disorder in increasing year on year, so I think we’ll see several more studies done in this field. At present, most mental disorders are treated by means of powerful prescription drugs, so the idea of being able to use fish oil instead, really is like a breath of fresh air.

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Home Health Care: Your Choice

You don’t have to make the terrible decision to send one of your loved ones to a hospital or nursing home – there is always the home health care option! Just think, you might even be able to save money by having a professional come to your home to take care of someone who has been hurt.Home health care, in the most basic sense, is where a trained agent will come in and do all of the things that a patient would have needed at the hospital, but in the convenient setting of a home environment, where friends and family can be around as well to help things.During a home heath care contract, personnel can do things like physical and occupational therapy, nutrition therapy, handle treatment that deals with medication or IV’s, deal with things like patient and caregiver knowledge, and monitor any possible serious condition that might pop up. All of the attention will definitely be on you, the patient, instead of many at a hospital.There are all sorts of agencies that have home health care options. You’ll find companies ranging from tiny neighborhood ones to major corporate ones, and the options that you need will be clearly defined when you talk to any of them for the first time. Just don’t be scared to ask questions.The home health care staff will take care of a patients eating and drinking, check on vitals like temperature, breathing, pain levels, amount of sleep they get, heart rate, and blood pressure. In addition, they can take care of things like basic cooking and cleaning, depending on the program you’ve set up for them.Always make sure that they explain to you how the plan of car works as well. It’s basically just a list of all the services and equipment you need at your home, as well as schedules and time frames, and what type of results you should expect during what stage of the care the patient is in at any given time. Any adjustment in care should be indicated on this list.The process should be under a state of constant improvement as well. Every day there will be challenges, and the challenges should be met with ideas about how to make the situation better for everyone involved. Staff should always be polite and respectful, and if they aren’t, it is time to choose a new company.Now that you have a basic understanding of how home health care works, do a little homework to find if there are local places that fit you needs, and you know that you’ll be ready to make the right decision if you’re ever put in the position to make a call.

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